Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Illustration Friday: Creature

Completed this several years ago for a different IF topic... can't remember what it was. This guy seems to fit the 'creature' bill. I drew him to be a 'geek' (actually a pencil-neck one). In 19th century North America, according to Wikipedia, the term geek referred to a performer in a geek show in a circus or travelling carnival side-shows (freak shows).

As I understand it, they often bit the heads off live chickens for the shock value. And Dr. Demento (Freddie Blassie) once famously put it this way,
"Mom said, "Sell it to the circus, what the heck.
"Dad said, "Nope, this one's a pencil neck.
 And if there's one thing lower than a side show freak,
 It's a grit eatin', scum suckin', pencil neck geek."

These days, with sideshows being in short supply, the term 'geek' is more often another word for 'nerd.'

 Anyway, as I pondered this week's IF word, 'creature,' I rummaged through my old stock of already-posted IF submissions, and I found this guy... more walking-dead zombie than geek; but someone who fits the creature bill.

 Peace to all, and stay alert walking down dark lanes.