Sunday, August 31, 2014

Grammar Illustrated

Cover spread for Grammar Illustrated
 The book Grammar Illustrated, by Janelle Melvin, published by Fountainhead Press, and illustrated by yours truly, is published and in students' hands, I believe.

Janelle has had this concept of teaching English grammar through visual examples, using photographs primarily, for several years now. She felt that she could transfer that concept into an instructional book form. She got together with me, and we worked for several months to get her vision onto the printed page. There are over 200 full page comic book style layouts and illustrations.

This is the first printing of the first edition, and it will be interesting to see, as it gets used in practical application in the classroom, if there should be changes forthcoming for a second edition.

All in all, an interesting and rewarding experience for me.
Detail of one of the Pronouns pages

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