Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Starting tomorrow, August 27th, I'm really going to get serious about updating the header on the TwissArts website. I want it to highlight something different for each day... a quote, a special holiday, or the anniversary of some event in history.

That leads conveniently to the start of a personal project; one that will be a full year in development.

As I've always been interested in U.S. History and, by extension, its Presidents, I am planning on doing caricatures of each of those folks, starting with LBJ for tomorrow. I may have started with one of the easiest to caricature... his ears, nose, and chin are all pretty distinctive.

Only one President has a birthdate in September. So check the masthead on September 15 to see if I've tackled William H. Taft, biggest of the big boys of the capitol. October will be the biggest challenge, in that more Presidents have been born in that month than in any other.

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