Friday, December 26, 2014

Reinaldo A. Castro, 1940-1967

My daughter, home for the Holiday, ran with me early this morning. And it was cold, cold, cold. There was frost on the bouganvillea as we started down the driveway.

It was nice to have a running partner. She has made this run with me before, and twice we have spotted a fox just before he/she sprang back into the bushes along the blacktop trail that follows the creek. I haven't seen the fox in a couple of months.

This morning we found a gray-haired gentleman, whose kindness is misguided, putting food out for the feral cats that slink on and off the trail. I asked him if he had ever seen the fox. He said he had and also "two of those wild dogs."

"You mean coyotes?" I asked as I backpeddled my way on the path, not sure exactly what he meant.

"Yeah... those."

Still not sure that's what he was describing.

This run was for Reinaldo A. Castro.

If you're wondering why Twisselman is running for these men who died in the Vietnam War, check out the blog entry here that explains it.

Reinaldo A. Castro

U.S. Marine Sergeant Castro was from Pacific Grove. I could find no photo of Reinaldo. The photo here is the best I can do... a shot of his name at the memorial. The entry below, an eye-witness account, was made on his page at

On April 27, 1967 a U.S. Marine Corps helicopter UH-34D tail number 148071 lost power and crashed into the sea after take-off from the aft platform of a navy ship positioned off the shore of Vietnam. Troops aboard the aircraft included LCP Richard H. Dallas, SGT Reinaldo A. Castro, LCP James A. Benton, LCP Blenn C. Dyer, PFC Samuel W. Osborne Jr., and LCP Ronald K. Pennington. All drowned and their remains were never recovered. The following are comments made by an eyewitness to the incident: “Years have passed, but I remember this incident clearly. I watched the bird take off, dip its blades, and then hit the ship. The aircraft sank fast. Navy crew members of ship ran out with M-1 rifles to keep any sharks off survivors if they came. Saw only a few crew members swimming and no grunts. We were loaded down with full gear and ammo for the operation ahead.” By Michael L. Meeker, Marine Infantry, 1 Bn/3rd Marines [Narrative taken from]

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