Monday, January 5, 2015

Eugene M. Christer, 1948-1968

Today's run was for Eugene Christer.

If you're wondering why Twisselman is running for these men who died in the Vietnam War, check out the blog entry here that explains it.

Eugene M. Christer

An Army Corporal from Salinas, Christer died in Tai Ninh Province on his 20th birthday. 

Here is an entry from his page at

"Gene Christer was my step-brother. My mother married his father, Nick Christer, in the late 1960's when Gene was a teenager. This was a rather tumultuous creation of a family and Gene was drafted soon after. He was killed shortly after arriving in Vietnam on his 20th birthday. Gene was an only child and had lived most of his life in Salinas, California. I only met him a couple of times but came to know him after his death as I used his story in an 8th grade history unit on Vietnam that I taught. His story was told to many young people in my classes in the 1990's and until I retired in 2005. I kept his medals, a couple of letters he wrote from Vietnam and a small wallet size picture of him in his army uniform. And then out of the blue a couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from Doug Elliot, who has also posted on this site, and learned that Gene did have family members on the East coast. We have been in touch and have begun sharing our memories and I was astounded to find out that over the years he and I both had been involved in activities honoring this young man who died serving his country. I will also send along to the Vietnam Memorial Fund the picture I have of Gene. I look forward to visiting the Education Center at the Wall when it is completed." - Gerry Martin

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