Monday, January 26, 2015

The return of el zorro

Okay, yes, I know it's been three weeks since I've entered a blog post. But I haven't stopped running for those Monterey County men who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. The last blog entry was a description of a run for Eugene Christer. Since then I have made 6-mile runs for 10 more men, from Pete Cruz to Ray Eade (names and pictures of these fallen men are below). The real challenge for me is to make sure I actually post to my blog. The one-hour run is something I look forward to. Each trip to the Memorial gives me a new name on which to reflect.

I have finally gotten into a rhythm of the runs, going out every other day. But as of a couple of weeks ago, my runs were haphazardly scheduled. As a result, I had to play catch-up, running four days in a row. These 60-year-old legs revolted on the fourth day, and I had to walk the last mile. So I owe another run to Eddie Dismaya. He didn't get the full run from me. I will make that right.

In the course of the last three weeks, I saw the elusive fox (el zorro) again. He (or she) has relocated, probably driven away from a burrow along Gabilan Creek by the encroaching homeless encampments. I saw the red shadowy creature about a mile away from its previous sighting, hopefully staking out a new territory.

But something I have noticed on these runs is the increase in the homeless shanties along the trails that I take. Between the three different routes I run, I estimate there are ten to fifteen encampments. Up from just one or two when I started these dedicated runs Thanksgiving day.

I pray that none of these camps belong to veterans. The sad truth is that odds are more than a couple of them probably do.

That said, here are the men for whom I have run since my last entry. I am only entering photos (when available) and names and dates. To see more information and read tributes, I suggest going to That's where I have gone to get information on each of the previous names, but I don't want to take traffic away from that site, so one should go to that site directly for stories and memories from friends and family.

If you're wondering why Twisselman is running for these men who died in the Vietnam War, check out the blog entry here that explains it.

Pete F. Cruz

A U.S. Marine Corporal from Chualar. He went to the same grammar school as I went to, and he was probably in the eighth grade when I was in kindergarten.

Charles F. De Amaral, Jr.

U.S. Army Major De Amaral was from Carmel.

David F. Devoe

U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Devoe is listed on as being from Lawrence, Massachusetts. He may be listed on the Monterey County wall from a connection to Fort Ord.

Elmer Dickens

U.S. Army Sergeant Dickens is listed on as being from Wahiawa, Hawaii.

Mark S. Diorio

U.S. Army Specialist Diorio was from Salinas.

Eddie Dismaya, Jr.

U.S. Army Specialist Dismaya was from King City.

Lawrence R. Dodd

U.S. Army Specialist Dodd was from Aromas.

Carlito L. Dorsey

U.S. Army Private Dorsey was from Seaside.

Lavall Durr

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Durr was from Castroville.

Raymond F. Eade

U.S. Army Sergeant Eade was from King City.

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